Image Portfolio


An Image Portfolio widget is a widget where "n" number of images having different specified categories (portfolio buttons) are displayed.

You can view the images of a particular category by selecting the particular category name from the catalog or else will see all the defined category images by default.



Image Portfolio

  • Image: Add the image you want to display on your web page.
  • Size: Set the size of the image to be displayed.
  • Category: Set the category of the image to which you have to display.
  • Link: Set link to the image displayed
  • Custom URL : Set the custom url to the image.
  • Media File : Set the media file to the image.
  • Lightbox : Set the lightbox to the image.
  • Overlay: For providing overlay effect you need to "on" the toggle button. CLICK HERE to see the styling of overlay in this widget.

Image Style

For setting styling effects to the images we use Image style. You can see more about Image Style here.


Button Style

For styling button in Image Portfolio you can use Button Style. You can see more about button Style here.

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