SitePad NOC Partner program
Get bulk licenses at discounted prices
Who should become a NOC ?
Want to make blogging site or website for your Business or Restaurant, we have themes to cater all your needs by covering wide range of categories like Blog, Business, Portfolio, Restaurants, Travel and many more !!
What are the NOC Rates ?
Note : A Minimum of $20/month will be charged if your bill for the month is less than $20/month
What are the benefits?
When you become a NOC, you will gain access to our NOC Panel where you can Purchase / Renew licenses in seconds. A consolidated invoice is generated on the 1st of every month for the activities in the previous month.
Discounted Pricing

More the licenses lower the rates

Easy to use API

API to integrate with your billing system

Refund Transactions

Claim a Refund for your transactions

Detailed Invoicing

View transactions of each invoice

Search Licenses
Purchase / Renew

Purchase/Renew licenses in seconds

License Logs

Check the history of each license

Auto Renewals

Renews licenses automatically before it expires


Payments are made on the 1st of every month

Edit Licenses
Frequently Asked Questions
How is billing done ?

Invoices are generated on the 1st of every month for all activities of the previous month. Advances if any will be settled against the Invoices. Eg : An invoice will be generated on 1st of February for the licenses purchased / renewed in the month of January.

Auto Renewal Feature

Our NOC Panel has the AUTO Renewal Feature, which will renew any expiring license a Day before it is about to expire. e.g. A license expires on the 8th of this month. Then this license will be renewed on the 7th of this month and the amount will be charged in this months bill. By using this feature you will not need to renew the license(s) each month.

NOC Panel Demo

We have an NOC API which you can use to integrate into your Billing system to purchase/renew/cancel licenses on the go.

A demo of the NOC Panel is available here :

Login : demonoc Pass: demonoc 

The NOC Panel URL:

Your logo in our NOC Partners List

After you become a NOC, your Logo and Company Details will be displayed on our NOC Partners List (if you permit us to do so):

NOC Partners

This list displays NOCs as per the number of licenses they have with SitePad.

How to become a NOC Partner ?

To become a NOC partner you will have to deposit $50 advance after which you account will be instantly activated and you will have an advance balance of $50 under your account which you can use to Purchase / Renew licenses.