Delete a Page

This documentation will highlight how to Delete a Page.

Move Single Page to Trash

To Delete a Page you will first need to access SitePad Website Dashboard if you have not logged into SitePad yet. (Skip this step if you are already logged into SitePad Dashboard)

Now click on Dashboard Icon to access SitePad Dashboard. (Skip this step if you are already logged into SitePad Dashboard)

You will be redirected to SitePad Dashboard, Click on Pages then click on All Pages.

On the access of All Pages, you will be redirected towards all pages then, you will view all the pages you've created then hover on the page then you will view delete Icon. Click on the icon to delete the page.

On click of Delete Icon, the page will be moved to trash.

Move Multiple Pages to Trash

All Pages are moved to trash first in case if the user wants to restore the pages

To move multiple pages to Trash you will need to select the checkboxes of the pages you want to move to Trash

Deleting Pages

Click on Trash to view pages in Trash Button to Open Trash Page.

To delete Pages or selected Pages, the user can select the checkbox of the given pages and select Delete Permanently and click apply or click on Empty Trash to delete all pages.

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