Delete a Site

This documentation will highlight how to delete a particular site or a number of sites in the new editor.

Login in to Control Panel

Firstly access to your Control Panel (e.g. cPanel’s url will be and log in with your details. There click on the SitePad Icon or Link.

After accessing SitePad you will be redirected to SitePad Dashboard.

Delete a Site

To delete a site you will need to hover your mouse on the given site and click on the Trash icon to delete the particular site.

A confirmation page will be shown to confirm if you want to delete the given page or not.

After you click on Remove Site your site will be removed successfully and you will be noted with the success message.

Delete Multiple SIte

To delete multiple lists of sites you will need to click on the checkboxes of the sites you want to delete as shown in the given screenshot below and then in action tab select Delete.

Note: No confirmation will be asked when deleting multiple sites

Once you click on Apply, the given sites will be deleted and you will be shown same success message as shown above.

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