How to make a content slider


In Content slider you can simply drag and drop widgets with the flexibility to make the slides the way you want.

Steps to use Content Slider

  • Search for Slides Widget and then drag and drop it in the editor.
  • You will get a basic template of 2 slides, you can drag and drop other widgets in the slides or edit the already placed template.
  • The default height of the slides is 80vh you can change that with the height option.

Content Slide options

  • Background Type : Its of 3 types Color, Image, Gradient.
  • Ken Burn Effect : Ken burn is a background image effect in which the image grows in scale in a defined speed.
  • Background overlay : It is used to add a layer of color over the background.
  • Blend Mode : Blend mode is used in combination with background overlay so create effects of blending of color with the background.

Arrow Styles

  • Background Type : This option sets the background of the arrow navigation.
  • Color : This option sets the color of the arrow.
  • Arrow Size : It sets the size of the arrow.
  • Background Size : It sets the size of the background shape of the arrow.
  • Position : The arrow navigation can have 4 kind of position Default, Custom, Top and Bottom.
  • Icon Type : It lets you set the icon type which is of 2 type Default and Custom, Custom lets you set icon from a list of icons

Pager Options

  • Dot Radius : Sets the radius of the dot in the pager.
  • Position : Sets the position of pager, Bottom Position is the default.
  • Dot Height : Sets the height of dot.
  • Dot Width : Sets the width of dot.
  • Dot Size : Sets the height and width equally of the dot.
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