WHMCS SitePad Hook


This guide will help you access SitePad from WHMCS after an user account is created / already active user account. Setting this up is very easy. This guide assumes that you have already installed SitePad on your server.

NOTE : This hook works only with the old SitePad Editor. We are working to make it available for the new one as well.

Note: This works only with cPanel, cPanel Extended, DirectAdmin at the moment.

Download and Upload

Download the SitePad Hook if you are using WHMCS Whmcs_Sitepad.zip
Unzip it and upload the file called sitepad.php, in directory given below:


If you want to debug for any errors or test the Auto Install is working properly please also upload the sitepad_debug.php file in directory given below:


You can remove the sitepad_debug.php file later after it works successfully.

If you want to add Custom Protocol for Direct Admin then please modify sitepad_extra.php and upload it as well. Otherwise you don't need to upload sitepad_extra.php

Accessing SitePad Website Builder

Login to your WHMCS Client Area. After accessing WHMCS Client Area click on any given of the active products/services.

After clicking on Active Product / Service you will see Website Builder on Sidebar then click on SitePad Website Builder.

After clicking on SitePad Website Builder you will be redirected to SitePad Website Editor then you can follow the given tutorial to Create Website.

Specify WHMCS Product IDs

  • You can specify the product ids for which you want the hook to be executed, just add the following code to the sitepad_extra.php
$GLOBALS['sitepad_conf']['pid'] = array(1, 2);

Note : the above value should be an array and if you want the hook to be executed for just one product you can pass it as follows :

$GLOBALS['sitepad_conf']['pid'] = array(1);
  • Thats it! Now the SitePad hook will be executed only for the product ID(s) specified.


If the hook is not working and you would like debug, please upload the sitepad_debug.php to the /path/to/whmcs/includes/hooks/ directory and then test the hook.

This will Log the error message in WHMCS admin panel -> Utilities -> Logs -> Activity Logs


If you need any assistance then please contact Softaculous Support. Please send us a screenshot of the Order Form and the Custom Fields you added to the Product.

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